Focus Concept

For Exploration, Graph, Cycle, Workspace dependencies and Include Dependencies view, the focus concept is the key element to understand how these views are created and how they can be modified to make a deeper analysis of the dependencies between elements. Any of these views (Except for the Workspace Dependencies view when there are not workspace elements in the system) will have at least one element in focus and any number of elements not in focus.

  • Elements in Focus : Elements that are the center of the analysis. Dependencies will be calculated for these elements according to the selected focus mode. When an Exploration or Graph view for example is requested by the user for a set of selected elements, these elements will be the ones in focus.

  • Elements not in Focus : Elements that appear as a result of the calculation of the dependencies for the elements in focus. They appear in the views because they are the endpoint of a dependency from or to an element in focus but they are not the active part of the dependency analysis.