8.12.  Searching Elements

For systems with a very large code base, finding programming elements can sometimes prove challenging. Sonargraph offers a search dialog to quickly locate programming elements in the currently open software system.

To bring it up select "Edit""Search..." .

Standard Search Dialog
Figure 8.52. Standard Search Dialog

The dialog will start revealing potential matches as soon as you start typing the element you are looking for. You can search for simple or complete name of a programming elements and choose to omit members, search for excluded elements only, auto match trailing characters and search ignoring case.

After selecting the correct element, the Navigation view highlights the found element.

If you want to extend the search to also find methods or member variables, deselect the option "Omit members". If also "Full name" is activated, filtering by packages and types is possible as shown in the following screenshot.

Search Dialog to Locate Member
Figure 8.53. Search Dialog to Locate Members

NOTE that you can either search in all programming elements or restrict the search to 'Excluded' or 'Issue ignoring'. This might be used to check if the workspace filters (Production Code filter and Issue filter) have been configured correctly.