1.7. Architecture: Advanced Aspect Files

The following steps describe how the information of aspect files can be changed, so that it fits the context where the aspects are applied:

  1. We want to create the structure defined in "business.arc" for the "Business" artifact in application.arc. This can be achieved by "extending" the Business artifact and applying "business.arc":

    extend Business
        apply "./business.arc"

  2. Check the context help and modify the architecture.

  3. Use the same mechanism in the "Framework" artifact and simply apply the "component.arc" to generate the same structure there.

  4. Remove "business.arc" from the checked architecture files. Only "application.arc" should be left as checked architecture file.

  5. Verify in the Architecture View that all artifacts are there and the correct components are matched.

  6. Experiment with the workspace filters or include / exclude patterns to adjust the matching.

End of Step 6 (step6_crm-domain-example.sonargraph).

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