20.2.6.  Execute Refactorings in IntelliJ

The list of Sonargraph refactorings definitions is shown in the "Refactorings" tab of the Sonargraph tool window. A refactoring can be executed via right-click.


Refactorings defined in Sonargraph might affect a lot of resources. We recommend committing all pending changes to your version control system before executing the refactorings, so you have a safe fallback.


Execute the refactorings in the order of their definition. Otherwise subsequent refactorings might no longer be applicable.

The Sonargraph plugin delegates the refactorings to the refactoring mechanism of IntelliJ. Sonargraph "Move+Rename" refactorings of compilation units cannot be converted into a single IntelliJ refactoring and therefore needs to be split.

The following steps are executed for each refactoring:

  1. If the Sonargraph refactoring needs to be split, a confirmation dialog will inform you about the necessary actions.

  2. The standard IntelliJ refactoring dialogs and views are shown that allow you to control the affected resources (e.g. change names in non-Java files) and preview the changes.

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