16.3.  Creating a new Groovy Script

A new Groovy script can be created by "New""Other""Script" , or by selecting a Groovy script directory in the Files view (See Section 8.7, “ Managing the System Files ” ) and choosing "New Script..." in the context menu. The "New Script Wizard" will open.

New Script
Figure 16.3. New Script

On the main page the following metadata of a Groovy script can be edited:

  • the name of the Groovy script (must be unique in its directory)

  • a description for the Groovy script

  • a timeout value in seconds: whenever the Groovy script takes more time to run, it is stopped automatically

  • the output file path where the textual output produced by println-Statements within the script is written.

  • a list of APIs the Groovy script can use: "Core" contains functionality available to all languages, selecting any of the other languages offers additional functionality. Obviously, relying on a language specific API makes the script language dependent.