20.1.5.  Getting Back In Sync with Manual Refresh

If you updated Sonargraph system files in parallel using the Sonargraph-Architect application, you can choose "Sonargraph""Refresh System Files" to just update those resources.

If you notice that some markers are not properly updated, or that the Sonargraph analysis has not picked up the latest changes, please use the menu "Sonargraph""Reparse System" to bring the Sonargraph model back in sync with the Eclipse workspace.

Since Eclipse caches resources sometimes, you might see Sonargraph "Class file out of date" issues on Eclipse startup. A "refresh" of the Eclipse workspace followed by a build should solve it. If the changes are not picked up by Sonargraph, trigger a manual "reparse" as described above.


If you notice any problem using the plugin, we a grateful to receive your feedback! The easiest way is to use the menu "Sonargraph""Send Feedback".


We think assertions are really helpful to ensure proper program execution and we are using them a lot in Sonargraph. You can enable assertions for Eclipse by adding the -ea VM argument at the end of your eclipse.ini configuration file.

An error dialog will show up if an assertion error happens. Please take the opportunity to let us know about the error! We will do our best to fix it as soon as possible.