8.4.  Getting a Quick Impression

In version 12 we release a reworked "System" view. There are boxes for different quality aspects, like "Structure", "Complexity" and "Code Organization". Each box contains a few key metrics, with the option to expand the box via the "+"-icon to see more details. A couple of new metrics like "Entanglement (%)" have been introduced, so that it is now easy to see how much of the code base is affected by a certain type of issue, e.g. "cycle groups". These percentages also indicate the probability that a developer is affected by the problem if she looks at any line of code. These values are easier to interpret than a rather abstract numeric metric value like "Average Component Dependency".

If a baseline report has been applied, metric trends are shown. This makes it very easy to spot where the quality of the code base needs more attention.

Navigation View
Figure 8.5. System View