View Options

To change the way the content is displayed in the Exploration view, the options that are located at the right-hand side of the view's toolbar can be used.

View Options
Figure 8.40. View Options

  • Highlight Input Highlight Input : When activated, an orange-dashed box will be drawn for the nodes used as input to create the view.

  • Use Antialiasing Use Antialiasing : When activated, the edges will look smoother and better defined, however, it is recommended to deactivate this option when running Sonargraph on low-end hardware.

  • Show Only Dependencies Of Selected Nodes Show Only Dependencies Of Selected Nodes : When this option is activated, only the incoming and outgoing arcs of the selected elements will be shown, the rest will be hidden. If there is no selection, all arcs will be shown.

  • Show Only Violations Show Only Violations : When this option is activated, only arcs containing architecture violations are shown. If all underlying parser dependencies of the arc are violations, then the arc will remain unchanged. If the arc has both violating and non-violating parser dependencies, it will change from yellow to red and the width will be adjusted with the weight of the violating dependencies.

  • Hide Self Arcs Highlight Input : When activated, edges whose from and to endpoints are the same node will be removed from the view.