1.1. Workspace Definition

The following steps describe the basic setup:

  1. Install Sonargraph-Architect.

  2. On startup, specify a license file.

  3. Create a new System using the menu "File" -> "New" -> "System" -> "New System...". Specify a name and location.

  4. Create a new Java module using the menu: "File" -> "New" -> "Module" -> "New Java Module...". Specify a name.

  5. Right-click on the created module in the Workspace view and select "Manage Java Root Directories...".

  6. Specify the root folder of the crm-domain-example project.

  7. Detect the root directories and drag&drop them to the module from right to left.

  8. Parse / refresh the software system.

  9. Check that there are no issues related to the workspace of the system in the Issues view.

  10. If Maven is installed on your machine, build the crm-domain-example project via 'mvn clean compile' and refresh the system in Sonargraph. Do you understand, why now workspace issues appear? Open the project in Eclipse, build it there and refresh the system in Sonargraph to remove those issues.

  11. Close and re-open the system using the menu "File" -> "Open Recently Used" -> "[System Name]" to see how fast the snapshot loading works.

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