Appendix 1.  Walk Through Tutorial (Java)

This tutorial provides a very concise introduction about the functionality of Sonargraph-Architect. At least an evaluation license is required that can be requested via our web site to complete the tutorial.

A little example project is used for illustration - the code itself is by no means meant to be an example for good quality or design. The example project is available via our website .

You will learn how to create a system in Sonargraph, define a workspace, examine a system, customize the analysis via scripts, define an architecture and check for compliance in the user interface of the rich client application, use the build integration using Ant and Maven and the Eclipse IDE integration. At the end of a section (except the basic first setup) the current stage of the analysis is referenced, that allows to verify that you reached similar results.

This tutorial is intentionally kept as short as possible. For more detailed information about certain functionality, links are provided that will steer you to the corresponding chapters of the user manual.