8.6.  Exploring the System Namespaces

In order to be able to see and explore the logical models calculated by Sonargraph (See Section 5.4, “Logical Models” ), users can rely on the Master view called Namespaces view.

Namespaces View
Figure 8.7.  Namespaces View

As shown in figure “Namespaces View” , the logical elements that appear in Namespaces view also offer interactions for exploration and source code visualization when it is the case.

This single view provides access to both system-based and module-based logical models. To choose which logical model you want to see, use the view menu:

Logical Model Selection
Figure 8.8.  Logical Model Selection

Besides choosing which logical model to see, the Namespaces view also offers the possibility to change the logical namespaces presentation from flat to hierarchical and vice versa.