20.2.3.  Toolbar

Sonargraph's tool window has a toolbar on the left hand side which has four buttons :

  • Make Project Make Project : Triggers the source code compilation directly from Sonargraph's tool window.

  • Synchronize Synchronize : Reloads the information that is currently contained in Sonargraph's system files. If changes are detected, the user interface will be updated accordingly.

  • Reset Reset : Recreates graphical the components in Sonargraph's tool window and synchronizes the information contained in the system files.

  • Send Feedback Send Feedback : This button will open Sonargraph's feedback dialog. Any information submitted from this dialog will be sent to support@hello2morrow.com

  • Scroll to Source Scroll to Source : When this toggle button is pushed, any click on an architecture violation, issue, task or compilation unit cycle group whose affected element is a source file will open the java source editor and go to the line containing the marker associated with the clicked issue.

  • Toggle Markers Toggle Markers : Shows/hides the different markers that the Sonargraph Intellij plugin will add for issues/tasks in the IDE source editor.