20.2.4.  Getting Back In Sync with Manual Refresh

If you updated Sonargraph system files in parallel using the Sonargraph Architect application, you can use the "Synchronize" button in the toolbar to get these files in sync.

If you notice that some markers are not properly updated, or that the Sonargraph analysis has not picked up the latest changes, please compile your code to bring the Sonargraph model back in sync with the Intellij project. You can use the "Make Project" button in the toolbar.


If you notice any problem using the plugin, we are grateful to receive your feedback! The easiest way is to use the "Send Feedback" toolbar button.


If an exception happens in our plugin, you will get an error notification from Intellij and if you click on it, you will get the Intellij feedback dialog. Since this dialog only sends feedback to Intellij's bug tracking system, please click on the "Add Details..." button to get the Sonargraph error feedback dialog, fill in the details and click on the "Ok" button. This way the information gets to us directly and we can address errors quickly.