2.6.1. Work with Snapshots

Sonargraph offers the capability to create snapshots to preserve the state of a system at any given time. It is available via "File""Save Snapshot..." and creates an archive file containing all the generated information in compact binary format together with or without the source files. This snapshot can be archived or passed on to co-workers for further evaluation. No data contained in a snapshot can be modified.

NOTE: A snapshot can also be created with Sonargraph-Build.

Snapshots can be opened via "File""Open From Snapshot..." .

An opened system can also be 'attached/detached' to/from an existing snapshot. This can be helpful in case you have a system which takes a long time to parse. Create a snapshot (ideally with sources) in your automated build with Sonargraph-Build, attach to it from Sonargraph using the corresponding system and continue to work on architecture aspects, scripts and others.

NOTE: When attached to a snapshot workspace modifying commands are disabled (e.g. create module, ...).