8.1.1. Menu Bar

Contains menu entries that allow the execution of system-wide actions or commands that are applicable for the current selection; the meaning of the categories is the following:

  • File: Contains commands for creating, loading and saving systems as well as exporting or importing Quality Models (See Section 6.4, “Quality Model” ), creating Microsoft Excel, HTML and XML reports.

  • Edit: Contains commands for undoing and redoing the last performed operations, editing and deleting components and perform system-wide searches.

  • System: Contains commands that allow re-reading the current system from the disk (and re-checking it), perform system configuration and changing language specific module settings such as where source and compiled files are being searched for.

    Additional entries allow creation of fix, ignore or TODO issues.

  • Window: Provides access to the different views of Sonargraph and the preference pages to modify installation-wide settings.

  • Help: This menu provides access to the online and dynamic help, allows management of license information, allows to send feedback to the Sonargraph developers and provides general information about the installation.