One of the most helpful features of the Dependencies view is its capability to allow users to drilldown from the dependencies between the top-most elements in the model to the dependencies between the finest-grained elements in the parser model.

Drilling down dependencies
Figure 8.49. Drilling Down Dependencies

It is important to note that as seen in the previous figure, some elements that belong to the parser model are not taking into account when drilling down in the Dependencies view in favor of readability. For example, packages "org", "apache", "cassandra" and "cli" do not play one role in the drilling down other than providing a context for the element that is really makes part of the content which is "transport". This apply as well for other structures that allow nesting such as Namespaces and Directory paths in C/C++ and C# parser models.

In a similar way, when the Dependencies view is requested for an element that allows nesting, the selected element will take part in the content of the view only if it has elements of a different kind as children, otherwise, it will be omitted. Similarly, all children of the selected element that fulfill the same condition will be displayed for this request.