Chapter 20.  IDE Integration

The purpose of the IDE integrations of Sonargraph is to run the quality checks continuously during development. This helps to prevent new problems being introduced into the shared code base: It is not needed to wait for the build server to report any problems, but instead the IDE integrations of Sonargraph run quality checks in the background, whenever the IDE compiles Java code. Problem and task markers are created for issues and resolutions and support the developer to fix the problems.


The IDE must be started at least with a Java 8 runtime for the integration to work.

To ease navigating between Sonargraph and the Eclipse IDE, a remote selection mechanism has been introduced with version 11.1. This enables quick navigation to the right spot to fix something, when analyzing the code base with Sonargraph. And also the other way, when the advanced visualization mechanisms of Sonargraph need to be used to get a better understanding while coding. More details are provided in Section 20.3, “ Collaboration between Sonargraph and IDE ”.

Currently, the IDE integrations only support Java systems.