4.1. Installation and Updates

Sonargraph is built upon the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP) framework. The following prerequisites must be fulfilled:

  • MicrosoftWindows™ , Mac OS-X or Linux® operating system.

  • 2048 MB RAM (Win32: 1400 MB)

Sonargraph leverages the advantages of the Eclipse Rich Client Platform update mechanism, thus, it will automatically connect to the hello2morrow update site and check for new versions at startup.

On Windows, Sonargraph stores application specific data (e.g. state files for the undo/redo history) in the directory %APPDATA%\hello2morrow\Sonargraph. If you notice slow performance during edit operations and you cannot exclude this directory from the virus scanner, create a script that reconfigures the environment variable "APPDATA" and then starts Sonargraph.