8.1.2. Tool Bar

Tool Bar
Figure 8.1. Tool Bar

Allows to access the most common operations. It is always visible regardless of the active view. It offers the following actions:

  • Refresh Refresh System : If there is currently no representation of the system in memory it performs a full parse. If the model exists, it performs a "delta refresh" to update the in-memory content with the latest state from the disk. The synchronization of the model with the disk content is normally not done automatically on startup, because this can take a considerable amount of time. However, it can be specified that on opening the software system, a synchronization should be performed automatically by checking the menu item "System""Refresh On Open" .

  • Clear Clear System : Drops the memory representation of the system under consideration. After performing this action a full parse of the system is required to resume with the analysis.

  • Navigate Backward/Forward Navigate Backward/Forward : Allows to navigate backward and forward in the history of recently performed actions across the application.

  • Manage Virtual Models Manage Virtual Models : Allows to change the current virtual model or create a new one. (See Section 9.1, “Using Virtual Models for Resolutions ” )