5.1. Physical File Structure

The Sonargraph software system is physically represented in the file system by a directory <System-name>.sonargraph that contains a file named system.sonargraph :

Physical File Structure
Figure 5.1. Physical File Structure

  • system.sonargraph contains all information necessary to parse the code, i.e. the workspace information about modules, directories, etc. See Section 8.8, “ Managing the Workspace ” and Chapter 6, Creating a System .

  • Analyzers sub‑directory contains configuration for code duplication, metric thresholds and which of the Groovy scripts are executed automatically.

  • Models sub‑directory contains the virtual model files, i.e. the information about resolutions (todo, ignore, fix) for detected issues.

  • Scripts sub‑directory contains the Groovy scripts that allow custom queries.

Analyzer files and scripts are part of the Sonargraph quality model. See Section 6.4, “Quality Model”