11.1.  Architectural View

The Architectural view offers 3 presentation modes that affect recursive elements (e.g. package, namespace, directory):

  • Mixed: empty elements without siblings are compacted.

  • Hierarchical: all elements are shown.

  • Flat: only the elements containing elements of other types are shown in parallel.

The Architectural view uses the following strategies to visualize different aspects:

  • The Architectural view shows some horizontal grey lines. These are the level lines. Non-cyclic elements between 2 lines are not depending on each other. Cyclic elements of 1 cycle group are on the same level. Those elements are marked with a red shade rectangle. Different red shades are used for different cycle groups (relative to their parent) as well as a cycle index property is shown in the Properties view. Nodes belonging to the same cycle group show the same cycle group index. To differentiate non-cyclic and cyclic elements on the same level an additional red line is shown dividing the level.

  • If an element has children, it will show a collapse/expand figure (+/-). If the background of this figure is darker it has more children.

  • If elements and dependencies are not fully shown due to a focus they are marked with a grey triangle.

  • Selected elements are highlighted with a yellow background. Dependent and using elements have a yellow ocher background.

Architectural view
Figure 11.1. Architectural view