One of the most powerful features of the Exploration view is the Drilldown. Users can expand the nodes that appear in the view in order to see the dependencies between the children of the expanded object and the rest of the elements that make part of the content of the view.

Before and After Drilldown
Figure 8.27. Before and After Drilldown

As expected, nodes in the Exploration view can also be collapsed in order to see de dependencies of the collapsed nodes with the rest of the elements present in the view.

It is important for users to note that the expand operation will behave differently for nodes that are part, or are children of the input used to generate the view and for elements that are not related to the input. For the first ones, they will be expandable if they have children elements and the expand operation will show all children even if they have no dependencies at all. For the second ones, they will only be expandable if at least one of the children has dependencies to other elements in the view and only the children that do have dependencies will be shown; the ones that do not have dependencies will be omitted.