Configuration of a Treemap

Treemap configuration
Figure 8.52. Treemap configuration

The generation of a treemap is controlled by the shown configuration options, which are stored in an XML file with the specified name.

  • Select the elements to use as leafs.

  • Select the size source which determines the resulting relative size of the leaf elements.

  • Select the color source which determines the resulting color of the leaf elements.

  • Set the red threshold. If set to '0' an even mapping of values to green, yellow and red is dynamically calculated. When set to a value greater than '0', that value will be the first to be represented with a red color. The red threshold must be 0 or greater than 0 and a multiple of 2.

  • Optional (3D): Select the height source which determines the resulting height of the leaf elements.

    Treemap configuration 3D
    Figure 8.53. Treemap configuration 3D

In the generated treemap leaf elements will be shown as squares making it easier to spot the relative size differences. The color palette used for the leaf elements contains 3 green, 3 yellow and 3 red shades. For an 'ascending' color source (i.e. less is better) a darker color represents a higher number. For a 'descending' color source (i.e. higher is better) a darker color represents a lower number. Parent elements show up as rectangles using grey color shades representing the nesting depth.

There is a special color or height source named Issue Collector, which counts the leaf element's number of issues. The issues to collect can be filtered by resolution and severity.

Treemap Issue Collector
Figure 8.54. Treemap Issue Collector