1.1. Workspace Definition

The following steps describe the basic setup:

  1. Unzip Sonargraph Architect.

  2. On startup, specify a license file.

  3. Create a new System using the menu "File" -> "New" -> "System" -> "New System...". Specify a name and location.

  4. Create a new Java module using the menu: "File" -> "New" -> "Module" -> "New Java Module...". Specify a name.

  5. Right-click on the created module in the Workspace view and select "Manage Java Root Directories...".

  6. Specify the root folder of the crm-domain-example project.

  7. Detect the root directories and drag&drop them to the module from right to left.

  8. Parse / refresh the software system.

  9. Check that there are no issues related to the workspace of the system in the Issues view.

  10. Close and re-open the system using the menu "File" -> "Open Recently Used" -> "[System Name]" to see how fast the snapshot loading works.

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