8.2.  Examining Issues

The Issues view displays information about the found issues such as their severity, category, affected elements and the associated provider.

Issues View
Figure 8.2. Issues View

Context menu and double click interactions give you options to examine the issue in a more suitable view. They also allow to "ignore" or "fix" the issue by either ignoring it or creating a fix request for someone in the development team. These requests are called "Resolutions" in Sonargraph and are covered in depth in the following sections.

In case of having too many issues, you can apply filters using the “Filter...” view option on the upper-right corner where several criteria are offered to reduce the amount of visible issues:

Filter Issues
Figure 8.3. Filter Issues

You can also reduce the number of issues by defining an Issue Filter as described in Section 7.7.1, “ Definition of Filters, Modules and Root Directories ”.