1.6. Architecture: Advanced Connections

The following steps describe how the access between nested artifacts can be more sophisticated and how duplication can be avoided with connection schemes:

  1. Apply the component structure of "component.arc" to all artifacts contained in "business.arc".

  2. Create more detailed connections between the different components using the nested artifacts explicitly. Check those dependencies in the Exploration view. Note that the artifacts in "component.arc" must be "exposed", so that their default interfaces are visible.

  3. Note that the components are always connected in the same way. Create a connection scheme in "component.arc". Check via the context help for more information about connection schemes.

  4. Remove "component.arc" from the checked architecture files.

  5. Use the new connection scheme and remove all duplication in "business.arc".

  6. Remove the obsolete dummy element in "component.arc".

  7. Check that you still see the same architecture violations.

End of Step 5 (step5_crm-domain-example.sonargraph).

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