6.3.2.  Importing C# Modules Using a Visual Studio Solution File

You can import C# modules from a Visual Studio solution file either when creating a new system using the corresponding wizard or selecting "File""New""Module""C# Module from Visual Studio Solution file" if you want to add modules to an existing system.

Select the location of the solution file (.sln) to have Sonargraph search for projects to import. Select your preferred configuration and platform combination.

Support for Visual Studio Shared Projects

If the solution file contains references to Shared Projects an additional wizard page is offered where the root project needs to be selected. This root project and all referenced projects will be automatically imported. If additional projects should be analyzed within the same system, you can import them later individually. The "Status" text field shows the output produced by the build executor.


The C# build executor is used to analyze the project dependencies. The XML project parser has only limited capabilities, for advanced configurations you are better off using MSBuild or xbuild. See Section 3.8.1, “C# Build Executor Configuration” for more details.