22.3. C# Specific Issues

C# Parsing Errors

Indicates that Sonargraph failed to parse a source file. Check that the correct assemblies are resolved. See Section 7.3.4, “C# Module Configuration” for details.

Report C# Parsing Problems

If you need further support, report the parsing problem to us via the menu "Help""Report C# Parsing Problem..." . All files relevant for the problem analysis will be zipped and sent to us for further inspection. Please consider adding some context info.


The diagnostic files contain source code. If your company guidelines do not allow to share this information with us, deselect the corresponding checkboxes.

Project File (.csproj) Processing Failed

Indicates a fatal error during the processing of a C# project file. Depending on the configuration, Sonargraph can use MSBuild to extract information about macro definitions, target frameworks, project references, assembly references, source files, etc. to enable a precise analysis. As Visual Studio and MSBuild are constantly evolving, our integration with MSBuild might be incomplete. You can help us improve the integration by sending us the log file via "Help""Send Feedback..." (don't forget to tick "Attach log file") or by sending an email to .