14.1.  Eclipse Plugin

To install the Sonargraph Eclipse plugin, run Eclipse and open menu "Help""Install New Software...". Add this update site as a new location: http://eclipse.hello2morrow.com/sonargraphEclipse

After successful installation and a restart of Eclipse the additional menu entry "Sonargraph" should be visible. If not, check the Eclipse "Error View" for any errors related to the plugin and get in contact with support@hello2morrow.com.


You need to have a valid license or activation code in order to use the plugin. More details can be found in chapter Chapter 2, Licensing . Open the dialog via the menu "Sonargraph""Manage License..." and supply either the activation code or license file and hit "Request".

The following sections describe common interactions and usage of the plugin.


The IDE must be started with a Java 8 runtime for the integration to work.

We tested the plugin successfully with Eclipse 4.3 and later versions. If you notice any compatibility problems during installation, please send us the Eclipse error log or a screenshot of the error and details about your Eclipse installation to support@hello2morrow.com .