7.14.  Examining Metrics Results

Sonargraph calculates metrics on different abstraction levels and displays them in the Metrics view. Metrics are calculated on different levels. Select the level in the combo box at the top left of the view and select the metric in the shown table. The metric values are then displayed in the table on the right.

Metrics View
Figure 7.59. Metrics View

If you are interested in all metrics of a specific element, the Element Metrics view can be opened via the main menu "Window""Show View"Element Metrics.

Element Metrics View
Figure 7.60. Element Metrics View

The metric thresholds configuration allows to define threshold values for those predefined metrics in order to have an accurate control of the behavior of your code base as it evolves.

Metric Thresholds Configuration
Figure 7.61. Metric Thresholds Configuration

Thresholds can also be defined, edited or deleted via context menu by right clicking on a metric in the Metrics or Element Metrics view.

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