Chapter 8. Reporting Changes

Reports for large systems provide an overwhelming amount of information. Most of the times a report containing the changes compared to a baseline is enough - like a newspaper versus a whole encyclopedia. From Sonargraph-Build version 9.13.0 onwards, an additional system diff HTML report is generated if a baseline XML report is specified via the parameter "baselineReportPath". The full and diff reports are inter-linked.


This functionality is only available in the commercial version of Sonargraph.

The resulting diff report contains only the changes. The following screenshot shows the top part of a sample report:

System Diff HTML Report
Figure 8.1. System Diff HTML Report

The report is divided in sections equal to the tabs of the "System Diff" view in the Sonargraph application. If the sections contain changes, this is indicated by the prefix "(!)" in the top-left navigation section.

This feature has been introduced with the Sonargraph release 9.13 and we will continue improving the precision of the results in upcoming releases. Feedback is always welcome and can be sent to .

Upcoming Improvements in Next Versions

We plan the following improvements for the next versions of Sonargraph-Build to further improve the matching of issues contained in the baseline and the current system:

  • Support for XML and plain text format for the diff report to make integration of the information easy in other environments.

  • Detection if a Sonargraph module is renamed.

  • Once SCM information is included in Sonargraph, the rename of script or architecture files can be detected.

  • Once SCM information is included in Sonargraph, rename of an element or one of its parents can be detected.


As with every modification: Frequent and small changes are easier to review than big-bang refactorings.