Chapter 1. Sonargraph's Next Generation - Sonargraph-Build

Sonargraph-Build integrates quality checks into the continuous integration build and can create XML and HTML reports via an Ant task, Maven goal, Gradle task or shell scripts. These reports contain all information about quality issues and calculated metrics. The XML report can be used for further downstream processing via transformations. A library to access the information via a Java API is called Sonargraph Integration Access and is available at GitHub. The XML schema for the report can be found there at

Sonargraph-Build additionally offers the possibility to mark the build as failed based on issues detected during the analysis. So, if you have written custom queries via Groovy scripts that check on the proper usage of an external library or detect a code smell, you can be sure that it is detected immediately.

If you start using Sonargraph-Build on an existing project and want to ensure that the quality is constantly improving, Sonargraph-Build can be configured to fail only on new and worsened issues.