Chapter 3.  Getting Started

This chapter summarizes what is needed for Sonargraph-Build to run.

3.1. Installation Requirements

The following prerequisites must be fulfilled for Sonargraph-Build :

  1. MicrosoftWindows™ , Mac OS-X or Linux® operating system.

  2. Java Runtime Environment 11 or higher

  3. At least 2048 MB RAM (Win32: 1400 MB)


Sonargraph keeps all information in main memory. For very large systems, you need to increase the memory for the JVM in case you run into out of memory exceptions.

3.2. Prerequisites

  1. If you plan to run Sonargraph-Build via ANT or the command line you need to download it from our web site: and extract the Zip file to a convenient location. If you are using Maven for your build process you only need to install Sonargraph-Build if your build server has no Internet connectivity.

  2. If the machine that executes Sonargraph-Build has Internet access, use an activation code parameter to obtain a ticket from your pool of licenses. If the machine does not have Internet access, you need to obtain a license file and pass the location of this file as a parameter to your build.

  3. For integration with Shell script or Ant a "software system" must have been created via Sonargraph containing a valid workspace configuration including modules and root directories.

    Integrations with Maven and Gradle allow to dynamically create a "software system" on the fly and create a report for it. Those integrations can be used to create an initial software system that is refined using the Sonargraph rich-client application.

  4. When it comes to the usage of virtual models with Sonargraph-Build in general the same things apply as in the Sonargraph rich-client application.

    A virtual model might affect metric values since the structure of the system can be changed with refactorings and issues can be transformed into tasks or ignored. So depending on what you want you should specify which virtual model to use. If you want to process the unaltered metrics and structure in your build you need to specify the 'Parser' virtual model (or an 'empty' virtual model - without any refactorings or resolutions).

    All build integrations offer a 'virtual model' parameter. If not specified the default is the 'Modifiable.vm'.