Class CppSourceFileAccess

    • Constructor Detail

      • CppSourceFileAccess

        public CppSourceFileAccess​(com.hello2morrow.sonargraph.languageprovider.cplusplus.model.path.CppSource element)
        Internal use only
    • Method Detail

      • isIncludeFile

        public boolean isIncludeFile()
        Return true, if this file is included by other source files.
        Specified by:
        isIncludeFile in interface ICppSourceFileAccess
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      • getIncludedFiles

        public java.util.List<CppCompilationUnitFragmentAccess> getIncludedFiles()
        Returns a list of included header files packaged as CppCompilationUnitFragments. Only works if isIncludeFile() returns false. To find the include files included by a header file start at the compilation unit (the source file) and then walk the tree by asking CppCompilationUnitFragment's for their includes.
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