Chapter 12. FAQ

This section summarizes common problems and their solutions.

Different Results in Sonargraph and SonargraphBuild

If you notice differences in the number of issues or metrics reported by SonargraphBuild, this might be due to the following reasons:

  1. The SonargraphBuild integrations for Maven and Gradle use as default the workspace information about root directories as provided by Maven or Gradle. Thus the number of root directories might be different, if the Sonargraph workspace does not contain all available root directories. If you know that all root directories contained in the Sonargraph workspace are present at build-time, deactivate this dynamic workspace configuration by setting the parameter "overrideSonargraphWorkspace" to "false".

  2. Check if test code should be part of the workspace. As default it is excluded in SonargraphBuild, because the default value of the parameter "includeTestCode" is "false".

  3. If the above points did not provide an answer, check chapter Chapter 8, Reporting Changes on how to create a detailed report about differences.