Interface ISourceFileAccess

    • Method Detail

      • getSourceLines

        java.util.List<ISourceLineAccess> getSourceLines()
        the content of a source file, line by line.
        The ISourceLineAccess allow the creation of context-aware issues, so that resolutions can be applied even if line is changed in the future.
      • getSourceLines

        java.util.List<java.lang.String> getSourceLines​(boolean withLineBreaks)
        Return raw content of source file.
        withLineBreaks - If true lines will be terminated by line breaks, otherwise line breaks are stripped.
        List of lines in this source file.
      • getFile

        de.schlichtherle.truezip.file.TFile getFile()
      • getPath

        java.lang.String getPath()
      • getCodeCommentLinesMetric

        int getCodeCommentLinesMetric()
      • getCommentLinesMetric

        int getCommentLinesMetric()
      • getTotalLinesMetric

        int getTotalLinesMetric()
      • getLinesOfCodeMetric

        int getLinesOfCodeMetric()
        the lines of code metric for this source files (number of non-empty and non-comment lines).
      • getMaxNestingMetric

        int getMaxNestingMetric()
      • getAverageComplexityMetric

        float getAverageComplexityMetric()
      • getAverageNestingMetric

        float getAverageNestingMetric()
      • getDaysSinceLastCommit

        int getDaysSinceLastCommit()
      • getChangeCount30

        int getChangeCount30()
      • getChangeCount90

        int getChangeCount90()
      • getChangeCount365

        int getChangeCount365()
      • getChangeCount2y

        int getChangeCount2y()
      • getChangeCount5y

        int getChangeCount5y()
      • getChurn30

        int getChurn30()
      • getChurn90

        int getChurn90()
      • getChurn365

        int getChurn365()
      • getChurn2y

        int getChurn2y()
      • getChurn5y

        int getChurn5y()
      • getChurnRate30

        float getChurnRate30()
      • getChurnRate90

        float getChurnRate90()
      • getChurnRate365

        float getChurnRate365()
      • getChurnRate2y

        float getChurnRate2y()
      • getChurnRate5y

        float getChurnRate5y()
      • getNumberOfAuthors

        int getNumberOfAuthors()
      • getNumberOfAuthors2y

        int getNumberOfAuthors2y()
      • getNumberOfAuthors5y

        int getNumberOfAuthors5y()
      • getAuthors

        java.util.Set<java.lang.String> getAuthors​(IScmPeriod period)
      • isModified

        boolean isModified()